Japan Inspired : Have you heard of the Furoshiki? …

Furoshikis are square wrapping cloths from Japan. Originally used to wrap and carry bathroom essentials to the hot springs (known as Onsens in Japan) the furoshiki has stood the test of time and remained a household staple for Mums and Dads.

Today furoshiki are used to wrap just about anything: from lunch boxes for the kids, bags for the week’s grocery shops, napkins, picnic blankets, table cloths…the uses really are endless!


One of our partners Musubi London sells a range of different sized and patterned furoshiki on mubakid. We asked what their favourite use of furoshiki is… ‘Good question! Pre baby I’d have to say the wine wrap. It’s the perfect way to give a unique gift at a dinner party. Now I have a eleven month old who is dribbling all the time from teething so my current favourite use is tying the smallest furoshikis into little bibs to soak up all that wetness!’



This Christmas however the furoshiki has come into its own. It’s a perfect eco-friendly way to wrap your presents this festive season. Each year, we throw away miles and miles of wrapping paper, much of which can't be recycled because of inks, plastic coatings or other additives. Choosing a furoshiki instead, with gorgeous patterns is unique, reduces our reliance on single use plastics and eliminates the need for wastage and recycling. Besides the win for the environment it's a beautiful way to present a special gift.



Try using the furoshiki in every aspect of your life; it’s not only simple but fun!

Hulk Code, Inc. Collaborator

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