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Hello and welcome to mubakid ….and our very first blog post!

Now that we are live, we thought it would be a good time to introduce ourselves. We are Cata and Julia, recent first time mums to Matilda (14 months old) and Harry (10 months old), respectively. We started out this project at the beginning of the year, in the hazy fog of new born days. We were exhausted and bonded over our love of caffeine, the smell of new born babies and our search for independent baby brands. Over countless coffees, our plan began to grow and we finally took the leap to champion independent baby brands here in the UK.


We can’t believe it, but we made it! And we are so pleased to be here. The website is live and stocked with beautiful products, made by crazy talented women (also very busy mums) who we are thrilled to be working with.

But it hasn’t always been easy. There have been ups and downs and times when we thought it was all too much. It’s very easy for self-doubt to creep in (particularly when you are sleep deprived!) but we have learned so much along this bumpy road and thought we’d share our top tips for anyone looking to travel down the same journey as we did…

1. Don’t be scared by the unknown

Editing the liquid, finding a host provider, coding ...all this techy terminology was seriously daunting but the internet is a wonderful thing and Google has been our best friend over the past six months. Anything we haven’t understood we’ve taught ourselves and with youtube it makes life easy. If we can do it, anyone can!


2. Ask for help!

We have been extremely lucky in that we have a huge support network. A super supportive family on our doorstep, which we can lean on when we need to do a couple of hours solid work hours, has been a saviour. Don’t be afraid to pull in favours and benefit from reciprocal babysitting favours!

We’ve also been trying out drop nursery work spaces, which are popping up left and right. Watch this space for our review of the best adhoc baby care in London!


3. Change your mindset

Setting up a business with babies in tow is always going to come with additional challenges. We had to accept very early on that we weren’t going to move as quickly as we’d like to. Take on too much and you’ll burn out. We set ourselves realistic targets to work towards which helped break up the enormity of the challenge. And on the odd occasion when we didn’t meet them, we didn’t beat ourselves up about it too much!

4. Accept that you will make mistakes

We have made countless mistakes in this process (some quite costly ones at that!) but with hindsight making mistakes is an important part of the process because that’s how you learn best.

5. Research, research, research

You can never do enough research...we still need to do more! Survey the market you want to move into and validate the idea, write a strong business plan and take a long look at the numbers. Think of it like building a house. You need the foundation before you build up!


We’re just at the start of the road, so these are just a few of our tips we’ve learned on the beginning of our journey. We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks on everything from starting a business at home (#mumsboss) to what to pack on your first summer holiday with baby in tow.

Julia Minton

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